Scannabar is an inventory control system specifically geared to the hospitality industry. The system allows managers of hotels, restaurants and bars to achieve greater profitability by keeping very close tabs on each and every item held in inventory. While the Scannabar system is able to monitor the inventories of just about any item that a bar, restaurant or hotel cares to monitor, Scannabar’s forte and specialization is the very precise tracking of wine, beer and liquor supplies. Scannabar stands alone in being able to individually track and monitor every ounce of liquor purchased, from the moment it’s received to the moment the bottle is fully depleted. In addition to facilitating administrative duties—such as the reordering of stocked items—this careful tracking of inventory allows managers to eliminate the theft of supplies and over-pouring by bar staff. In doing so, Scannabar’s patented tracking system enables operators not only to reduce supply costs, but also to recover sales revenue that is currently being lost.

When it comes to liquor inventory control, Scannabar is, bar none, the most effective product on the market. The Scannabar system offers functionality and benefits that no other system does. Scannabar is fast (able to measure the contents of 120 bottles in roughly 15 minutes), simple to use and affordably priced. It is also very adaptable, able to serve the needs of small and large businesses equally well. Our clients range from family-owned, neighborhood bars and restaurants with modest annual sales to large multinational resort companies with sales in the millions. The Scannabar system has been implemented, with great success, in hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and golf and country clubs across the U.S. and Canada. Our client list currently includes properties operating under the banners of: Ritz Carlton, Intercontinental, Hyatt, Sheraton, Westin, Delta, and Trump International Resorts, among others.

How effective is the Scannabar system in terms of liquor control? Many of our clients have reduced shrinkage to 1%-3% from the 20%-30% (industry average is about 25%) that they were experiencing before the system was installed. In terms of beverage costs, our clients generally experience a 25%-50% reduction in beverage costs within just a few weeks of implementing the system. In short, the Scannabar system will not only make managing tasks a whole lot easier, it can have a substantial positive effect on a company’s bottom line.  Learn more about Scannabar's liquor inventory control system.