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Who is Scannabar?

We are an experienced development group specializing in inventory control software specifically designed to benefit the hospitality industry. In business since 1998, we have become a leading provider of inventory management systems to bars, nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants in North America, South America, the Carribean and Europe.

Why is there a need for our software?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau's latest data, the U.S. hospitality industry generated over $67.4 billion from the sale of liquor products in 2007. Industry studies, however, estimate that 20% to 30% of liquor inventory -and of potential liquor sales revenue- is lost as a result of "shrinkage" (the loss of liquor products due to over- pouring, spoilage, spillage, and theft). These figures clearly underscore both the industry's potential profitability and the need to implement an effective and reliable liquor inventory control system.

For many years, the industry had been limited to electronic or mechanical pourers, but the hospitality industry has been rather reluctant to implement these types of mechanisms. That's quite understandable since these devices are weak in some of the most important areas. These weaknesses include: lack of free-pour capability, lack of precision and reliability, high equipment and maintenance cost, intrusiveness, and plain susceptibility to tampering. Even the best pour limiters are still just that. They limit the flow of liquor from the bottle and little more. There is still a need for personnel or management to perform manual counts to determine the actual content of each bottle and ultimately try to somehow account for discrepancies.

'Beverage "chip" tracking systems' can also be a step toward maximizing potential profitability, however they fall short of total inventory control. For example: It may inform you that a certain volume of particular vodka is missing, but it can't tell you exactly which location, at what point, and from which bottle the vodka disappeared. They lack vital details necessary manage your business proficiently.

What sets Scannabar apart from the rest?

Scannabar's unique, patented system of combining the latest in wireless technology and proprietary software with bar-coded scanning methods, puts us at the top. Our fast, simple-to-use system continuously and precisely tracks and measures your entire supply of wine and liquor - every cellar, every cooler, every bottle, every ounce. No more trying to figure out where that vodka went. You'll now know exactly where, at what point, and from which specific bottle it disappeared from, thus greatly reducing shrinkage rates. The Scannabar system has proven to be so effective in this regard that some of the company's clients have reported shrinkage rates as low as 1%-2%! With a decrease of that magnitude, it's easy to see how Scannabar would have a substantial positive effect on your company's ROI.

Click HERE to see a just a few companies who are already experiencing the difference, by gaining control of their inventory and achieving greater profitability.

Additionally, at Scannabar, we are always evolving our software to better suit the needs of our customers. For example, when we saw the opportunity to help so many businesses, especially hotel operators, with the ability to inventory any given product, over and above wine & alcohol, we made it happen! The benefits of having one software manage it all, with the accuracy and reliability Scannabar is known for, has our customers more satisfied than ever... And we aren't satisfied until you are.


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