Liquor Inventory Software

The Scannabar inventory management system tracks each bottle of liquor individually, providing you with precise, up-to-the-moment and to-the-drop inventory control. Managing your liquor inventory has never been so easy or so accurate!

Let us explain how...

When a bottle is received, you apply our small, bar-coded label. Then, simply scan both the Scannabar tracking label and the existing UPC bar code on the bottle. Our software immediately creates a profile containing all of the bottle's vital information such as brand, volume, dimensions, cost, etc., and is then prepared to track its contents throughout its entire circulation - from receipt to recycle bin.

The Scannabar system also has a precisely calibrated, bar-coded ruler to continuously monitor the amount of liquor in each bottle. You may either affix the label version directly to the bottle or simply place a hand-held, laminated version of the ruler to the side of the bottle and then scan. It will determine each bottle's dimensional profile to accurately measure its contents. With each scan, the Scannabar software automatically processes the data, updates all inventory values and is ready to generate a variety of desired, money-saving reports.

With flexibility in mind, you can perform scans of your inventory as often as desired - after each shift, daily, weekly, monthly, or even before and after an event. It all depends on your individual needs. Since it only involves using a portable, hand-held scanning unit, it can be used at any number of fixed, portable or banquet stations (indoor or outdoor.) The entire procedure takes mere seconds per bottle and is so simple that it can be performed by any member of your staff. The Scannabar software even has built in flags to guard against missing bottles and erroneous reads to ensure you have the most accurate account of your inventories.

From start to finish, Scannabar reliably monitors every aspect of your liquor reserve, drastically reducing shrinkage commonly experienced in this industry. Our liquor control software system not only keeps inventory, but allows you to evaluate your practices and staff, ensuring less waste and higher profitability.

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