Wine Inventory Software

Scannabar's inventory management software virtually organizes your wine cellars & coolers and monitors your usage, whether it's served by the glass or by the bottle. It was designed to allow you to build a customized database with vital information about your wine and can sort by vintage, region, variety and more. Once this database has been created, you are well on your way to total inventory control.

The wine module works much like the liquor module. When a bottle is received, you place our bar-coded tag on the bottle to uniquely identify it. Then, simply scan both the Scannabar tag and the existing UPC bar code with our portable, hand-held reader. Our software immediately creates a profile containing all of the bottle's detailed, pertinent information. It is then prepared to track its contents throughout its entire circulation, while remaining transparent to your clientele.

If you are serving the entire bottle, when it is ready to be served, the bar-coded tag is removed from the bottle ensuring the aesthetics of the bottle are not compromised. Since Scannabar adapts your business needs, the final scan of the tag can be performed prior to serving or set aside for scanning at a later time. This final scan immediately removes the bottle from circulating inventory and updates the database to ensure your accounts are accurate.

Wine, by the glass, is simply monitored by using the Scannabar bar-coded ruler, similar to a bottle of liquor. It precisely detects the amount of wine poured, allowing you to better assess your practices and staff as well. Your wine inventory and essential reports have never been so easy to obtain and manage!

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