Why Scannabar?

In an industry plagued by 25% to 35% loss due to shrinkage, waste, over pouring, etc., there are few products on the market today that will accurately manage your liquid assets from the moment they are delivered to your establishment until the moment they are depleted and disposed of.

Scannabar is not a portion control system. Scannabar is not an 'eye ball' system. Scannabar does not use electronic spouts, Teflon tubing, scales or 1 inch silhouettes of bottles to measure your most valuable, money generating assets.

Scannabar uses proven bar code technologies and the principles of hospitality inventory management to help you achieve your maximum money-saving potential.

As a leader in the industry since 1998, Scannabar understands and appreciates the need to uniquely identify your liquor & wine bottles--to ensure the ability to monitor their exact whereabouts and contents. Scannabar is the only inventory management system on the market that offers you the ability to do this.

We believe accuracy to be of utmost importance when 'inventory time' arrives. Our patented technology gives you the advantage of not only managing your full bottles, but also the contents used from each of your partial bottles, from one inventory period to the next.

Whether used as a stand alone unit or interfaced with one of the many POS systems on the market, our team's goal at Scannabar is to partner with you. Like any good partner, we want you to succeed and we'll be there for you. We'll listen to you needs, lend our expertise in the area and strive right along side you, to help your business reach maximum profitability.

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