Beer and Dry Goods Inventory Software

While Scannabar was successfully designed to drastically reduce shrinkage of your liquor and wine supply, our inventory control software can additionally monitor the quantities of any given product you may wish to keep track of. Beer, soft drinks, dry goods, by the case or unit, can be easily managed with our unique bar-coded scanning system. Applying just one computer software program to all your inventory management needs is the ultimate in cost effectiveness.

Simply scan the UPC code on each unit or case when it is received and then again when the supply has been depleted. It's that easy. With each scan, our accounting software instantly updates inventory values, alerts you of any discrepancies within, and can generate a number of productive reports, as well as facilitate the re-ordering of supplies.

The flexible Scannabar inventory system bends to meet your business needs and provides instant manageability of your complete inventory, from one end to the other. Simplicity and ease, combined with accuracy and reliability, makes this product indispensible and why so many bars, restaurants and hotels are choosing our product as their inventory solution.

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