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“Scannabar is the best Liquor Control and Inventory System that I have seen in 37 years in the Night Club business. I have saved over $15,000 a month since installing the Scannabar System. Every establishment that is dispensing liquor should be using the Scannabar System.”
-Jan Harrold, Owner, The Club at Firestone (Orlando, FL)

“We could not run our business without the visibility and security Scannabar delivers. It is the most comprehensive and accurate system on the market. The service and support of this product is first rate as well.”
- Tom Burchett, Chief Financial Officer, Clevelander Hotel & Bar (Miami Beach, FL)

“Scannabar has helped us stop major fluctuations in beverage cost almost immediately, as we were able to identify very easily the errors made in the life cycle of the bottles during each period. Scannabar also enhances the perception of control. ”
- Murari Nambiar, Comptroller, Sailfish Club of Florida (Palm Beach, FL)

“My staff found the Scannabar system very easy to use and the reports are very clear and easy to understand. Some of the other benefits which I am enjoying include a marked reduction in liquor purchases….My cash flow from liquor sales has increased significantly.”
-Silvano Paletta, Manager, Day's Inn (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

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“We use the Scannabar system at the majority of our locations and find it to be very effective in monitoring the consumption of our liquor inventory. As a result of using this system our liquor costs have improved and stabilized. Scannabar has been a very useful tool in running our business, saving us time and money!”
-Stephen Lawrence, President, Penny Lane Entertainment Group (Calgary, Alberta)

“I am very pleased with the fact that I can have my whole inventory for my 2 restaurants, nightclub and exterior bars done with 1 Scannabar system. The fact that we can take inventory for all these bars in about 1 hour (approx. 20) allows us to take inventory on a daily basis.”
-Tony Grossi, Owner/Manager, Polson Pier (Toronto, Ontario)

“I have definitely noticed a change in overall liquor percentages in all [our] locations…. I cannot imagine running any of our locations without Scannabar. We can’t afford NOT to have it.”
-Tasker Goodchild, District Manager, Sawmill Restaurant Group (Edmonton, Alberta)

 “I am the Director of Operations for a nightclub conglomerate that currently runs 5 concepts. Each concept has multiple bars and points of sale. Currently we have approximately 100 employees most of which handle liquor on a daily basis. Prior to Scannabar we had our liquor monitored and audited by an outside company. We were faced with a few dilemmas:

1. Our audits were only coming in once a week making it impossible to distinguish what day to pinpoint regarding the "missing product."
2. Our audits were reports that were made for the conglomerate as a whole. This made it impossible for us to distinguish which concept to isolate as an area of concern.
3. Our audits were not able to pinpoint who we should hold accountable for any missing product. ALL staff (company wide) were having to be addressed ALL the time.

What I mean by this is that we could not hold an employee accountable due to the fact that the audit system could not distinquish if the missing liquor happened on a Friday verses a Monday in that same week hence there was no way to hold any one bartender accountable. All we knew was how much was missing and how much that was costing the company.

Approximately 2 years ago we incorporated Scannabar into our operations as a means of auditing our liquor. I would say it took about 3-4 weeks to get the system up and running for all our concepts. This included management orientation and implementation on down to staff training. Even though the implementation may be a tedious process, it was well worth the time and money. After the system has been assimilated by the management and staff, I would consider it a relatively easy system to operate and maintain.

Regarding the numbers aspect, we know that we have been able to reduce our liquor cost by 7% since installing Scannabar. With liquor sales of over $250,000 per month the savings are considerable. After factoring in the total cost of running Scannabar verses the amount in savings, I have concluded this form of auditing liquor as the most effective that I have worked with and the system that best suits our company. We are also now able to tell each concept’s individual liquor cost and which employees to hold accountable. Due to the size of our conglomerate and the volume that we do in sales, Scannabar most definitely is a cost effective investment.

 We have been using the Scannabar system at our locations for over 2 years. It has given us complete control over our alcohol inventory, including beer and wine. We also use it for cigarettes, bottled water and energy drinks.

The 7 day free technical support has been a life saver more than once.

We will continue to purchase new systems as we expand into new locations staff.”
Mark Rebolini, Director of Operations, Myrtle Beach Dining Group (Myrtle Beach, SC)

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“In both our clubs, we replaced an old and slow process—weighing bottles for our inventory control—with the Scannabar system. Controlling inventory is now much easier, quicker, and a lot more accurate. I am now in a much better position to evaluate the performance of my staff.”
-Donald O’Shields, Partner and  Manager, Von Entertainment (Charlotte, NC)

 “We can do a complete and accurate scan of 250 bottles in less than 30 minutes! What I found to be amazing about the system is that it can automatically inform management of any bottles that are missing from inventory. On average, we were losing about $2,200 per week in liquor that was missing or not being registered. We have now reduced our beverage costs by 9%, and have recouped all that money that we were losing!”
-Nicole Mimikos-Theodore,  Manager, T.G.I. Fridays (Wilkes-Barre, PA)

 “The results have been just amazing! Our liquor cost diminished, on average, 10 percentage points. Our cash receipts have gone up approximately 25%!”
-Aneel Bhutta, Manager, Docks Entertainment Complex (Toronto, Ontario)

“Scannabar has given us immediate control over liquor costs and revenues. Using and understanding the system is very easy and very quick.” 
-Leslie Vickers, Manager, Willowbrook Country Club (Tyler, TX)

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“Over a period of 6 weeks since installing Scannabar, we were able to go from 21% liquor cost to 13%. Our poured to punched ratio for the same period is 99%.”
-George Kosmos, Owner/Manager, Rouge Restaurant (Montreal, Quebec)

“Our liquor costs were hovering in the vicinity of 26%, and at times would reach as high as 30%. Immediately after installing the Scannabar system, our costs diminished to 19%. And there are days that we do even better than that!” 
-David Doyon, Owner/Manager, Chick’n’Deli (Toronto, Ontario)

“The Scannabar system has alleviated any concerns about what was going on behind my bar. It has given me a handle on my back stock, and created accountability with my bar staff that I don’t think could be matched by any other system.” 
-Taylor Wolfsen, Owner, Club Octane (Monterrey, CA)

“The fact that we can easily monitor all of our fixed and portable bars with the same system makes Scannabar very appealing. The system has proven very successful. Our cost reductions are substantial, and easily justify the capital expenditure for the Scannabar system.” 
-Mario DiCriscio, Manager, Delta Hotel (Montreal, Quebec)


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