When I receive my liquor orders, do I need to tag every bottle with a Scannabar label?

Ideally, each bottle will get a unique numbered bar-coded tag once it enters your establishment. This label, randomly chosen from a roll, is given life when you scan the existing UPC barcode on the bottle and then transfer this information to Scannabar tag by simply scanning it. If a bottle is not labeled, it cannot be accurately tracked or generate an alert, should it go missing.

Do I need to put those measuring strips on all my bottles when I receive them?

It's not necessary to affix them immediately upon receipt. You can place it on whenever you choose or need to measure. Alternatively, you may choose not to place the strips on the bottles at all and simply use the laminated measuring ruler instead.

Can I scan in a case instead of a bottle?

Absolutely. Any product can be scanned in by the case.

Can Scannabar manage the transfers of liquor & wine bottles?

Yes, our system can do that for you. You can manage your transfers directly from the portable, hand-held so you will always be in control of your liquid assets, at your fixed and portable bars.

Do I need to do inventory everyday with this system?

No. It could be after each shift, daily, weekly, monthly... You choose the frequency based on your cost control needs.

Will this system tell me if a bottle goes missing?

Yes. The Scannabar tracking labels you applied to the bottle when it was received allows the Scannabar system to specifically identify a missing bottle at any location within your establishment. Ours is the only system on the market today that will give you that vital information!

Can I compare my sales with this system?

Yes you can, by way of a POS interface or by entering your cash register sales in to the Scannabar system.

Does Scannabar work with other systems, such as electronic pourers?

Absolutely. The Scannabar inventory system will work side-by-side with these types of systems to manage your complete inventory.

How long will it take me to do the full inventory of my bar(s)?

Under normal conditions, the full inventory of a bar, full and partials, stocked with 80 bottles, will take you approximately 15 minutes. Keep in mind, within this time frame, all the number crunching has been done by the Scannabar software.

Will this system change the way my bar staff works?

No, the system is free pour. The only changes you may see is your bar staff will be more aware of, and usually become more careful of, over pouring, spillage and free drinks, because now they know you can accurately count it.

Is the Hand-held device difficult to learn and use?

No, and that's the best part. It's simple. In just a few taps from the stylus, or a click to scan, the location, inventory and levels are updated instantly. You can see exactly how easy in our videos here.

Where can I access the scanned data and reports from?

The data collected goes directly to your in-house computer and can be accessed from any computer on-line.

How much are service & upgrades?

With Scannabar your software support and upgrades are free of charge and there is never a yearly or monthly licensing fee.

What kind of service do I get?

Scannabar offers toll-free customer service and technical support. They are there to serve you from 9:00AM to 9:00PM EST, 7 days a week, always free of charge.