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Queue Up Your Bar Business

Managing the line at your bar

nightclub queueIt’s a warm Saturday night and the town has a certain “buzz” to it. Your bar is getting ready for a big night and then all of a sudden, you leave your office and notice a line forming outside your door.


This can be a good sign for your bar; it’s busy! But what can go wrong?

To start, you should ask your people at the door if you have reached capacity and if not, how far off are you?

Secondly, this is probably a good time to have the bar staffs make sure there is a sufficient amount of liquor inventory behind the bar, the beer coolers are well stocked and wine and champagne are well chilled.

Once you have been through this, it is time to speak to your people at the door to make sure the line and the wait is well managed. Nobody likes to wait, so you want to make sure the time they are wait is justified.

You also need to take a decision on the “regulars” that come in when there is no line up and help your business going. What is important is that you respect the capacity that was assigned to you without breaking the law, but also make certain your regulars or maybe “big spenders” are not in line or worst yet…at the competitor!

It’s always a good idea to meet with your doors staff to go over company policy and make sure customers are happy and the bar can make the most of the busiest hours of the week our industry offers

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