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Liquor Inventory Scheduling: How often should I do it?

Inventory scheduleIf we perform inventory in our establishment, the question of proper inventory scheduling is one that has certainly arisen. Inventory scheduling in the most part should be consistent with specific events that occur in your business. For instance, if your accountants prepare monthly profit and loss statements, inventory scheduling should reflect a need for monthly data collection and analysis.

If you feel that to place the proper and adequate supplies order to bring liquor, beer and wine inventories up to par require, inventory scheduling should be reflected before the order process commences. Your business will dictate how often inventory should be taken.

If you are a high volume nightclub and a majority of your sales are liquor, beer and wine inventory related versus a restaurant that mainly serves food, proper and more frequent inventory scheduling may be in order. What is also important to achieve proper inventory scheduling is to be able to foresee any specials events or holidays that may delay or increase the need for inventory taking. Another key is to stay the course; if your business does a full liquor, beer and wine inventory on a weekly basis, you should not skip a period.

Inventory scheduling involves planning of personnel thus it is important we can see and understand how many people we need and how many hours that are budgeted to make sure a proper inventory is done quickly, accurately and with consistency.

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